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bdm::InteractionForce Class Reference

#include <interaction_force.h>

Public Member Functions

 InteractionForce ()=default
virtual ~InteractionForce ()=default
virtual Real4 Calculate (const Agent *lhs, const Agent *rhs) const
virtual InteractionForceNewCopy () const

Private Member Functions

void ForceBetweenSpheres (const Agent *sphere_lhs, const Agent *sphere_rhs, Real3 *result) const
void ForceOnACylinderFromASphere (const Agent *cylinder, const Agent *sphere, Real4 *result) const
void ForceOnASphereFromACylinder (const Agent *sphere, const Agent *cylinder, Real3 *result) const
void ForceBetweenCylinders (const Agent *cylinder1, const Agent *cylinder2, Real4 *result) const
Real4 ComputeForceOfASphereOnASphere (const Real3 &c1, real_t r1, const Real3 &c2, real_t r2) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file interaction_force.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InteractionForce()

bdm::InteractionForce::InteractionForce ( )

◆ ~InteractionForce()

virtual bdm::InteractionForce::~InteractionForce ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Calculate()

Real4 bdm::InteractionForce::Calculate ( const Agent lhs,
const Agent rhs 
) const

Definition at line 33 of file

◆ ComputeForceOfASphereOnASphere()

Real4 bdm::InteractionForce::ComputeForceOfASphereOnASphere ( const Real3 c1,
real_t  r1,
const Real3 c2,
real_t  r2 
) const

Definition at line 286 of file

◆ ForceBetweenCylinders()

void bdm::InteractionForce::ForceBetweenCylinders ( const Agent cylinder1,
const Agent cylinder2,
Real4 result 
) const

TODO(neurites) hardcoded value

Definition at line 213 of file

◆ ForceBetweenSpheres()

void bdm::InteractionForce::ForceBetweenSpheres ( const Agent sphere_lhs,
const Agent sphere_rhs,
Real3 result 
) const

Definition at line 60 of file

◆ ForceOnACylinderFromASphere()

void bdm::InteractionForce::ForceOnACylinderFromASphere ( const Agent cylinder,
const Agent sphere,
Real4 result 
) const

Definition at line 113 of file

◆ ForceOnASphereFromACylinder()

void bdm::InteractionForce::ForceOnASphereFromACylinder ( const Agent sphere,
const Agent cylinder,
Real3 result 
) const

Definition at line 203 of file

◆ NewCopy()

virtual InteractionForce* bdm::InteractionForce::NewCopy ( ) const

Definition at line 32 of file interaction_force.h.

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