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bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid Class Reference

#include <vtk_diffusion_grid.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VtkDiffusionGrid (const std::string &name, vtkCPDataDescription *data_description)
 ~VtkDiffusionGrid ()
bool IsUsed () const
void Update (const DiffusionGrid *grid)
void WriteToFile (uint64_t step) const

Private Member Functions

void Dissect (uint64_t boxes_z, uint64_t num_pieces_target)
void CalcPieceExtents (const std::array< size_t, 3 > &num_boxes)

Private Attributes

std::vector< vtkImageData * > data_
std::string name_
bool used_ = false
int concentration_array_idx_ = -1
int gradient_array_idx_ = -1
uint64_t num_pieces_
uint64_t piece_boxes_z_
uint64_t piece_boxes_z_last_
std::array< int, 6 > whole_extent_
std::vector< std::array< int, 6 > > piece_extents_


class ParaviewAdaptorTest_GenerateSimulationInfoJson_Test

Detailed Description

Adds additional data members to the vtkImageData required by ParaviewAdaptor to visualize diffusion grid.

Definition at line 35 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VtkDiffusionGrid()

bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::VtkDiffusionGrid ( const std::string &  name,
vtkCPDataDescription *  data_description 

Definition at line 39 of file

◆ ~VtkDiffusionGrid()

bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::~VtkDiffusionGrid ( )

Definition at line 95 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalcPieceExtents()

void bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::CalcPieceExtents ( const std::array< size_t, 3 > &  num_boxes)

Definition at line 225 of file

◆ Dissect()

void bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::Dissect ( uint64_t  boxes_z,
uint64_t  num_pieces_target 

Calculate in how many pieces the vtkImageData should be split and how thick the z-layer slices are.

Definition at line 204 of file

◆ IsUsed()

bool bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::IsUsed ( ) const

Definition at line 104 of file

◆ Update()

void bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::Update ( const DiffusionGrid grid)

Definition at line 107 of file

◆ WriteToFile()

void bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::WriteToFile ( uint64_t  step) const

Definition at line 194 of file

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ParaviewAdaptorTest_GenerateSimulationInfoJson_Test

friend class ParaviewAdaptorTest_GenerateSimulationInfoJson_Test

Definition at line 70 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ concentration_array_idx_

int bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::concentration_array_idx_ = -1

Definition at line 50 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ data_

std::vector<vtkImageData*> bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::data_

Definition at line 47 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ gradient_array_idx_

int bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::gradient_array_idx_ = -1

Definition at line 51 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ name_

std::string bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::name_

Definition at line 48 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ num_pieces_

uint64_t bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::num_pieces_

Definition at line 58 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ piece_boxes_z_

uint64_t bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::piece_boxes_z_

Definition at line 59 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ piece_boxes_z_last_

uint64_t bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::piece_boxes_z_last_

Definition at line 60 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ piece_extents_

std::vector<std::array<int, 6> > bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::piece_extents_

Definition at line 62 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ used_

bool bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::used_ = false

Definition at line 49 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

◆ whole_extent_

std::array<int, 6> bdm::VtkDiffusionGrid::whole_extent_

Definition at line 61 of file vtk_diffusion_grid.h.

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