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bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent Struct Reference

This event splits the current neurite element into two elements and adds a new side branch as daughter right at the proximal half. More...

#include <neurite_branching_event.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NeuriteBranchingEvent (real_t distal_portion, real_t length, real_t diameter, const Real3 direction)
virtual ~NeuriteBranchingEvent ()=default
NewAgentEventUid GetUid () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from bdm::NewAgentEvent
virtual ~NewAgentEvent ()=default

Public Attributes

real_t distal_portion
real_t length
 length of the new side branch More...
real_t diameter
 diameter of the new side branch More...
Real3 direction
- Public Attributes inherited from bdm::NewAgentEvent
InlineVector< Agent *, 3 > new_agents
InlineVector< Behavior *, 3 > new_behaviors

Static Public Attributes

static const NewAgentEventUid kUid

Detailed Description

This event splits the current neurite element into two elements and adds a new side branch as daughter right at the proximal half.

It is therefore a combination of SplitNeuriteElementEvent and SideNeuriteExtensionEvent. The parameter names must be compatible to the two mentioned events to enable code reuse. (This event creates two new neurite elements.)

Definition at line 31 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NeuriteBranchingEvent()

bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::NeuriteBranchingEvent ( real_t  distal_portion,
real_t  length,
real_t  diameter,
const Real3  direction 

Definition at line 34 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

◆ ~NeuriteBranchingEvent()

virtual bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::~NeuriteBranchingEvent ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetUid()

NewAgentEventUid bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::GetUid ( ) const

Implements bdm::NewAgentEvent.

Definition at line 43 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ diameter

real_t bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::diameter

diameter of the new side branch

Definition at line 51 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

◆ direction

Real3 bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::direction

direction of the new side branch. will be automatically corrected if not at least 45 degrees from the cylinder's axis.

Definition at line 55 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

◆ distal_portion

real_t bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::distal_portion

the fraction of the total old length devoted to the distal half (should be between 0 and 1).

Definition at line 47 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

◆ kUid

const NewAgentEventUid bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::kUid
Initial value:

Definition at line 32 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

◆ length

real_t bdm::neuroscience::NeuriteBranchingEvent::length

length of the new side branch

Definition at line 49 of file neurite_branching_event.h.

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