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type.h File Reference
#include <type_traits>
#include <typeinfo>
#include "core/container/math_array.h"
#include "core/shape.h"
#include "core/util/string.h"
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struct  bdm::type_ternary_operator< Condition, T, U >
struct  bdm::type_ternary_operator< true, T, U >
struct  bdm::type_ternary_operator< false, T, U >
struct  bdm::IsArray< T >
 Checks whether T is std::array or bdm::MathArray. More...
struct  bdm::IsArray< std::array< T, N > >
struct  bdm::IsArray< MathArray< T, N > >




template<typename T >
using bdm::raw_type = std::remove_pointer_t< std::decay_t< T > >
 Type trait that converts T*, T&, T&&, T*& to T More...


template<typename TTo , typename TFrom >
TTo bdm::bdm_static_cast (TFrom from)