A very warm welcome to BioDynaMo and thank you for your interest! This guide will help you get started. It introduces you to the project and our software development approach. It was inspired by the OpenMRS Developers Guide as well as conventions and best practices used in the software industry.

Who Should Read This Guide?

The target audience for this document is anyone who wants to build, contribute or learn more about BioDynaMo. Everyone has a different background, you might be new to C++ programming, simulation software or software development in general. This doesn't mean you cannot be a valuable contributor! This guide will help you fill in the blanks.


If you are a user who wants to build simulations, please head over to our User Guide.


This guide is an evolving resource. If you have difficulties with some steps or feel that parts could be explained better or any other kind of comment please reach out to contact@biodynamo.org. Thank you for your feedback!