What is BioDynaMo?

BioDynaMo is a platform through which life scientists can easily create, run, and visualise three-dimensional biological simulations. Built on top of the latest computing technologies, the BioDynaMo platform will enable users to perform simulations of previously unachievable scale and complexity, making it possible to tackle challenging scientific research questions.

Important Notes


This guide corresponds to the latest version of BioDynaMo. Please make sure that your installation has the exact same version string as indicated at the top of the API documentation. Please head over to our installation/update instructions if you haven't installed BioDynaMo yet, or the installation is outdated.

Execute biodynamo --version to check which version is installed on your system. The version string will look like: v1.01.86-6e7b5441. This is how you can interpret it: vMAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-SHA. SHA is the git commit hash that can be used to check out the exact BioDynaMo version with git checkout SHA.

Unstable API

BioDynaMo is in an early development stage. Therefore, our API changes quite rapidly as we learn new requirements from our users. In case your simulation does not compile after an update, please have a look at our changelog and update your code.