Multiple experiments and statistical analysis

Author: Lukas Breitwieser
In this tutorial we show how to collect and analyse data from multiple experiments.
To this extent, we create a simulation where cells divide rapidly leading to exponential growth.

Let's start by setting up BioDynaMo notebooks.

We use the same simulation as in ST09-timeseries-plotting-basic. It is a simulation were agents divide with a specific division probability in each time step leading to exponential growth. We collect the number of agents in each time step. Have a look at ST09-timeseries-plotting-basic for more information.

We wrap the required simulation code in a function called Experiment which takes two parameters:

We want to run our experiment for 10 times with a different division probability parameter. We choose the division probability randomly between 0.04 and 0.06

In the next step we want to combine the individual results. Therefore we calculate the mean, and min (error low), and max (error high) and store it in a merged TimeSeries object.

Now we can print the merged results and see how the simulations evolved over time, and how they differed from each other.

Finally, let's fit an exponential function to the data.