About Us

We are an international, interdisciplinary group of researchers who are passionate about using modern computer simulation techniques for promoting agent based modelling in as many disciplines as possible, ranging from biology, medicine, epidemiology, immunology to socio-economic questions like wealth distribtution, traffic flows and market behaviours.

About BioDynaMo

Originally BioDynaMo was developed to model biological dynamics in various contexts, like simulating a wide range of biological processes, such as cell proliferation, neurite growth and electrical activity, by exploiting modern computer systems in a very efficient manner. As complex biological systems typically consists of many million to hundreds of millions of cells the BioDynaMo computing core needed to be very efficient and make optimially use of the many available cores and GPU's in typical modern computing hardware. For this reason BioDynaMo is also written in modern C++ to be as close to the hardware as possible. Thanks to this relentless focus on efficiency large biological systems can be simulated in acceptable times and BioDynaMo performs extremely well when modelling systems with less than a few million agents.